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COSuser Identity management and user provisioning for Unix, Linux and Microsoft Windows®

COSuser is an advanced user provisioning solution, providing centralized user administration, password synchronization, password strength control and web browser based self-service capabilities.

Used by enterprises with an IT infrastructure incorporating Unix and/or Linux servers, most often together with Microsoft Windows®, it is a key component for end-to-end identity management services. It features inbuilt interoperability with metadirectory services and an open technical design to support integration with other components – such as Web access-control products. It provides the following major benefits:

  • Reduced administration costs. The traditional manual methods of registering or de-registering employees and contractors across all the relevant elements of an IT infrastructure is a very time consuming task, involving many different individuals. A request to add a new user, for instance, may need to pass through many groups of administrators, with each expert or system administrator doing their bit to register the user for the software for which they are responsible.
  • It is not unusual for one full time employee to be occupied in user management for every 500 staff employed by an organization. COSuser automates the process from a central point in the network, completely removing the need for manual registration. This is made yet more efficient through COSuser's web browser based self-service capabilities.
  • Improved security. It is not uncommon for employees or contractors leaving an organization to retain their access rights to all or some of the applications long after their departure. By centralizing user administration, leavers can be disabled from the entire network in minutes. IT Services are then able to ensure that only those users who should have access to an application have those rights, and at the appropriate level of access.
  • COSuser also provides for password strength control and password synchronization. Instead of having many passwords to remember, users are given one strong password that can be enforced and cycled frequently. The password can then be synchronized across all operating systems, applications and databases to which the user has access.
  • Service level improvement. Adding new users to the infrastructure takes time, as many departments are involved. It is not uncommon for a new hire to wait days or even weeks for all accounts to be set-up. Little upsets a user department more than having to wait until a new employee can be productive. COSuser, through centralized administration and web browser based self-service, allows new employees to be fully effective immediately on joining the organization.
  • Legislative compliance. Recent and impending legislation, such as Sarbanes-Oxley in the USA and the European Directives, focuses on ensuring that financial and confidential personal information is not compromised. COSuser provides control over who is granted access to what, along with comprehensive auditing for company officers to prove due diligence in their pursuit of compliance.
  • More efficient help-desk. Depending on the organization, user account or password related issues can make up to 50% of all help-desk calls. COSuser, by providing a centralized repository of all user information, provides help-desk with a single point of information for a quicker response.
  • Password strength control and synchronization reduces the number of passwords a user has to remember, so further reducing the number of calls. Web browser based self-service allows users to request accounts and shares, change passwords and automatically issue challenge/response questions to validate users. The net effect is a potentially dramatic decrease in the number of help-desk calls, and a quicker time to resolution of those that remain.


Architecture overview

- Follow this link for an overview of COSuser's architecture


Other sources of information

- Further information on the business benefits of user provisioning and how to calculate your possible Return on Investment (RoI) if you were to procure such software is available in the the resource library.





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